Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday Tuesday WODS

Monday, October 19th
21, 15, 9
Overhead squats (55#)
lateral burpees

This is WOD was one Jerry brought back from the "Hopper" this weekend. The Hopper version added pushups to this but even Jerry said that was "too evil"! Evil it was. The RX version puts the squats at 65#, but I scaled because my 3x max was 70lbs and I wasn't sure what I was capable of. I was capable of 65#--I did all 3 sets and only dropped the bar once and rested the bar on my shoulders only once. I actually did all 21 squats unbroken. The lateral burpees which required you to jump over the bar were evil. After 5 or so my quads are shaking like mad and my shoulders were screaming, but I still had 2 rounds to go! I finished almost dead last of the 0515 team at 12:00 and some change, but I never dropped the bar on the OHS and I know I had perfect form on each rep. I wasn't about to hurt myself on that move.

Tuesday, October 20th
21 pullups, 9 Clean and Jerk, 400m run
15 pullups, 15 C&J, 400m run
9 pullups, 21 C&J, 400m run
Time: 18:40

Torture Tuesday. More overheads! Clearly I have not worked my overhead moves enough. 21 pullups cold was not fun, but I pounded them out. After 1 clean and jerk my shoulders and lats were tired and yelling at me-no more they said! There was no way 65# was going happen on the C&J, had to settle for 55#. The round of 15 pullups went well--I got 6 in a row!!! 9 was easy. I was still slow, but hey, whatever progress is still being made.

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