Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wicked WOD

10 rounds
3 cleans (70)
5 L-sit pullups (negatives)
7 ring dips (floss)
Time: 28:30

This was the marathon of all crossfit WOD's. 10 rounds?!? 10! What was Jerry thinking?
I was feeling pretty good after the 10 miler and a short metcon WOD yesterday so I was ready to attack this, until I saw 10 rounds.

I warmed up the clean, thought about doing the Pack weight for women of 85#, did 2 reps in warmup and knew that there was no way I could do 30 of these. By round 5, all warm, I probably could have done 85#. But given that my true 1 rep max was 95#... I guess it is good to just work on form which felt decent today. Form improvements=progress too.

The l-sit negative pull ups were brutal. bottom line. Nothing else to say but I don't like these.
I did every set of dips broken into 5, then 2 with the floss. Hopefully still on track for an unassisted by Christmas.

Looking forward to the Jerk workout tomorrow, but will have to do this tomorrow night...the day got away from me.

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