Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Falling Behind

I've been slacking on the blog writing. Writers block. Not much to say and I've been frustrated since Friday, so sometimes it is better to just write nothing....

Here is a quick log of the last few days:

Friday WOD
5x max back squats
Top load: 135, failed at 150

I had been dialed in on the oly lifts for a few days now and was ready to kill this...yea right. Working up to 135 was great. I was getting good depth and felt strong. My 3x max was 150 from this summer so I was shooting for a 5x of 150. I met a mental block. I racked 150 on my back and it felt HEAVY. I got 1 rep, went down for 2 and was high---everyone was watching---i asked if my second rep was high and they said yes...then, i lost it. LOST IT. Lost my confidence, lost my focus, lost my drive, and I quit. I racked that barbell back so fast and walked away. I was so mad at myself. I so badly wanted to try again, but by this time my hip and hamstring were killing me. A 5 mile run the night before left me in pain and I was just tring to ignore it. Next time, I can't ask questions or loose focus because people are watching...

Saturday WOD

Sunday WOD
Goblin Gallop 5k

My slowest race ever. Nearly had an asthma attack in the middle of it. It was a great run with friends though, Nikki, Tamara, Christine, Chris, Stuart! Everyone ran a great race and we enjoyed an beautiful sunday morning doing something that we love. Next race is hopefully the Berlin Half Marathon in the Spring!

Monday WOD
For time:
15 pull ups, 9 snatch @ 45#, 400m run
12 pull ups, 12 snatch @ 45#, 400m run
9 ups, 15 snatch @ 45#, 400m run
Time: 18:00

The pullups are getting easier! I went light on the snatch, the bar felt freakin' heavy this morning. I was hoping to put 55# on the bar, but the first two didn't feel good...and I stripped down the bar. But, per ususaly, by round two they were pretty easy after I got nice and warm. Jerry did an awesome warm up of muscle snatch, snatch balance, power snatch that was great but I didn't get warm enough. At least I got to dial in on the snatch form which I am now much more confident with!

Tuesday WOD
rounds for time
250m row
20 box jumps 20"
15 ring push ups
100 feet walking lunge with 15# DB in each hand
26-27 minutes...i gave up on time after round 3!

Evil. Evil workout. Row was good, we haven't rowed in forever. Ring pushups were torture. I did the first set rx'd, but did all but about 10 more on my knees. I collapsed in round 3 in a puddle of my own sweat! eww. Lunges are fine, but I need to just accept the fact I should not do weighted lunges...lunges w/o weights are fine, with weights is too much for the bone on bone action going on in my knees....I wish cartilage grew back.

Took the day off of work and all I can think about is napping....

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