Friday, October 30, 2009


Thursday WOD:

snatch grip strict press: 1,1,1
top load: 65#
snatch grip push press: 1,1,1,1,1
top load: 100#

100 pounds. 100 pounds overhead. This morning was HUGE for me. I've been chasing 100 pounds in any lift for months now. 90lbs here, 95lbs there, failed 100 here and there....frustrating! It was something I wanted to accomplish before I left CFOT---now I will chase that 100lb clean.

Today was my day. We warmed up with strict press from behind the neck---got to 65 which felt great and attempted 70 but couldn't hit it with that grip. On to the push...

Since this was a new move, we worked up slowly. Christine, Megan, Shanyn, and I worked in a good rotation and were only within 5-10bls of each other. Great energy with a great group of women. The rounds looked something like this: 70,75,85,90,100. We may have done one more set. We worked up slooowly. To slow, but a safe slow for for first attempts. I put 100 up strong and it felt awesome. I had a perfect dip in the hips, flew up, and viola`. I seriously could have put up more but I was smoked by this point. Jerry said we'd see this again soon....I can't wait! :)

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Adrienne said...

Erin, just noticed your picture on your blog.. you look freaking stacked! Nice