Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Reasons to do 100 Lou Burpees

I hate burpees. Absolutely hate them.  Lou burpees are even worse--2 pushups per burpee instead of one.  I did this WOD in Chip's room at the rehab center....not ideal, but I did 100 Lou burpees today and here is why:

1) I CAN actually do 100 Lou Burpees
2) Chip cannot do a burpee. 50 of them were for him.
3) Not having a box/gym is no excuse for not working out.
4) I need to stop feeling sorry for myself.
5) Sitting on your butt all day does not foster a healthy lifetyle or a crossfit body.
6) I am eating way to much chocolate, bread, carbs, etc.
7) This is perfect punishment for eating an entire bag of ruffles chedder and sour cream potato chips. (in two sittings)
8) My pushups suck and need work.
9) My arms are getting weaker from not doing pullups/oly lifts--burpees are a brutal substitute.
10) 100 Lou burpees is a painful reminder of how ALIVE your body is, what it is capable of, and how you should CHERISH what it can do.  There are so many people out there just dying to just wiggle a toe...a flex their muscles. People like Chip.  Having full use of your body, appreciating all it can do, pushing it to the limits is a GIFT. Treat it well and use it often.


Katie said...

I just read this after writing my blog this morning and am inclined to go take it down. Number 10 is spot on...

Jason B. said...

As always, you continue to inspire. Keep it up! FOR YOU AND CHIP!!!

Christine said...

Yea girl. 100 Lou Burpees. Okay do you have to do all the penance in the first few days of Lent? Sheesh.

Think of you often... admire your creativity to get in a WOD however you can.