Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's All About the Grip

1x Deadlifts

As the story goes of late, my oly lifts have been missing from the rountine.  Couldn't even tell ya the last time I deadlifted heavy. November maybe? All I know my max is 227#.  Was pumped for this until I put some weight on the bar. Having a quarter sized chunk of skin missing on your palm kinda messes with that underhand grip I use on my left hand for deadlifts.  I had it all taped up, but it hurt like you know what.

Warmed up with a few reps at 45# and 65# just to get the posterior chain all warm.  Pulled 135#, then 155#.  My hand was screaming at this point. 185# hurt even worse.  I wanted to pull 200# just to say I still could....I pulled it all right and even put it back down properly.  The hand was now oozing...time to call it quits.  We'll try this again after the hand heals.  I could tell I just need to work the form again to make sure my body remembers what it is doing!

I have to say that one thing I really miss about home is being able to throw weights around. Lift them violently then throw them down.  I could really use some of that these days with all that pent up anger, depression, and sadness I have going on...

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