Sunday, February 7, 2010

More swimming!

Saturday WOD

Swimming! Yea for the pool by my house.  30 minute workout and I am as useless as a wet noodle.

100m warmup-various strokes
100 freestyle
100 breast stroke
200 free
200 breast
300 free
300 breat
50 free
Total: 1250m in 30 minutes

Ok, not lightening speed, but it is the second swim of the season and probably the second longest I've ever done.  I only took 2 breaks to fix my goggles which were bruising my eye sockets...I figured I didn't need to make the bags under my eyes any worse. :)  

My arms were sore from the toes to bars/high pulls the day before and my inner thighs were absolutely fried doing the breast stroke after all those SDHP's.  SDHP's totally work your inner thighs/hamstrings....apparently so does the breast stroke.

I figured I was doing ok when I was joined in my lane by a 50ish year old man with a huge belly wearing a tiny black speedo and flippers and I was matching/exceeding him lap for lap.  I want flippers to make me faster....

The best part was trying to walk home---a serious uphill climb that is not fun when you already worn out.  But, I'm sure the body will get used to it.

Now for a few days off--Taking Chip to rehab and staying a few days.  I will pack some workout clothes...I've been known to get creative.  I will also pack a swimsuit so I can hit the thermal/mineral baths this town is known for and get some much needed rehab myself.  Wearing a swimsuit in the middle of winter used to be very very scary, but thanks to crossfit its not quite so bad! yea for relaxing!

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