Saturday, February 6, 2010

Swimming and SDHP

Thursday WOD: Swimming
Incredibly hard to get motivated to do anything on a dark wintery thursday.  I made it to the pool though! Chip bought a month pass to the pool that is literally 400m from our house the day he went into the hospital.  I can't let it go to waste, so I finally got my butt overthere.

Mid-afternoon and the place was quiet except for some kids and some old retirees.  I was nervous since I haven't swam since July, but I hopped in and did a few warmup laps then went over to the lap lanes.  Now or never, right?  100m in, I  a felt pretty strong.  gotta love crossfit!!   overall the workout was 750m. I could have done more, but honestly for the first time back in the pool I didn't want to hurt for a week...its going to be a long spring.

Friday WOD:
Mainsite WOD of:
Sumo deadlift high pulls (64lb kettelbell)
Toes to bar
(not a timed WOD)

Had to mod this WOD  today.  It called for 135lb SDHP's, which meant probably 95lb for women.  Then the second part was inversions on the pullup bar/rings where you pull up then take your feet to the ceiling, head to the floor.  While this would have been fun to work on, there was no where to do this so we subbed toes to bar.

I was psyced about moving the 64lb KB 84 times and not killing myself or my teeth.  My back even feels strong today which tells me next time I need to add weight.  The toes to bar felt good except for the nice roll that has developed in my midsection. Sigh...eating is SOOO off track.  Living in a country that lives on bread and then having a M.I.L living with you who also loves bread at all meals and then some is killing me.  I actually miss my veggies but I'm never eating at home these days.  Hopefully once Chip is setteled in rehab I can get back to my carb free, low sugar ways and stop stress eating.

In other news, I've decided that I'm going to register for the Crossfit Level 1 Cert in MILAN, ITALY.
I'm telling Chip today that we're just going to put up the $ and I'm going to do it.  If going to a CF cert in a country full of beautiful skinny people doesn't motivate me not to embarrass myself into loosing my winter suit I don't know what will.  Thank god it isn't until May! :)

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