Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Annie Attempt, Front Squat, Josh

Attempted Annie. ( Double unders and situps/ 50,40,30,20,10)  Dug Chip's jump rope out of a foot locker in the garage...tangled and cold. Dragged the abmat out there and a yoga mat and started warming up. This rope was not moving fast and it hurt when I wacked myself with it.  Double unders were not happening.  So, I modified and did 3/1 on the jumps and all the situps.  Then I used the jump rope like a sledge hammer on the enormous pile of boxes in my garage--boy did it feel good to just HIT something.
I timed myself, but I can't remember how long it took.  Forever I think.

I was so pissed I couldn't do DU's I came inside and went straight to the Rogue page and bought a speed rope.  I hope it comes soon!

1RM Front Squat (20 min limit)
Row sprints-40 row, 120 sec rest, repeated six times.

New PR on the front squat of 130lbs.  This is 5lbs more than my front squat back in late November and in January too.  I finally figured out the form and keeping the elbows raised.  Maybe it is because my shoulders aren't as tight as they were....regardless it felt good to nail this.  I think i could have easily done 10 more pounds, but having no safe place to bail with the bar or on my butt left me playing it safe.

Once for time:
42 Pullups
15 OHS
30 pullups
18 pullups
 17min and some change.

During my last days at CFOT I could have nailed this workout as RX'd.  I should've have done this for my last first Friday instead of Murph. Oh well, we'll get this soon enough.  I had to modify the pullups since my palm is still ripped open.  I know, not a good excuse, but public gyms are not keen on blood on their equipment.  I did pushups and dips instead.

The RX women's weight was 65lbs for the OHS.  I could so do this in the right environment, but I went with just the 45lb bar since I had no rack and had to do each set unbroken.  I have lost a ton of overhead strength, but this was just the WOD to start building that back up.  The squats felt solid, its not the squat that is hard, its holding it above your head!!

My time would have been a lot faster if I didn't keep getting kicked off my benches I was using for my dips and spending lots of time wandering around between exercies. I would love to kill this WOD someday--I now know why it is Katie's favorite!


Jason B. said...

Keep it up! You continue to inspire! We miss you!

Sean said...

LOL - I just got my speed rope from Rogue the other day!