Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Business

Nothing fun or notable to post this week, but here are my Monday and Tuesday WODs

Warmup: dislocates, hip swings, air squats, caterpillar thingys.   4 rounds OHS at 45# just to work the move and form cuz CFOT article said they were good for me.

250m row
15 DB Push Press (40#)
15 box jumps
Time: 15:35

Mindi joined me for some funishment and finished at 15:50. I can't wait until she's done with tri-training and will hopefully join me more often! I promised to join her next monday with a German running group for an interval night.

Warmup: stretching, then: 2 rounds 10 pushups, 10 dips, 15 air squats
WOD: Strict Press 5 X 3
Totals: 55, 60, 65, 70, 75
I think I can totally hit 80 next time.

Finisher: 3 Rounds, 15 GHD, 15 Hip extensions


Angie said...

That Monday WOD looks like a fun one!

Sean said...

"Caterpillar Thingys..." sounds like technical, CrossFit jargon to me, coach!