Saturday, May 22, 2010


to kick a sinus thing this week.  Not really sick, but not toally well.  I've been doing lots of thinking rather than blogging.

Well, Wednesday ended up as a rest day since I felt like crap.  Thursday morning I spent an hour or so at the gym, but no true WOD.  My planned WOD was the one on the mainsite--20 shoulder to overheads and burpess.  The warmup was awful and my wrist hurt really bad--tingling nerves is never a good a thing. I had a good warmup of row, boxjumps, DB shoulder presses, so I worked on some l-sits and handstands.  Then I shot some hoops for fun.  I was more of a "practice day" I guess.  Shooting hoops is just somehow relaxing for me. SWOOSH!

Friday WOD
50 airsquats
400m run
Time: 15:18

I last did this WOD in early December and finished in 15: 38. Progress! Oh and my 400m here is all uphill for the first 200m! Legs are a little sore this morning. I was going to get up and go for a long bike ride since the weather is beautiful, but I have a splitting sinus headache...looks like another rest day.  I'll rest for the weekend and try to hit it hard next week.

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