Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Core Work!

Wednesday WOD:
L-sit, 60 seconds
Good mornings, 45#, 30 reps
ABMATS, 60 reps
Back Extensions w/10# plate, 30 reps

Core killer! Took about 25 minutes.  L-sits were hard. broke it up into 20 secs, with 5/10sec rest.  ABMATS were hard by round 2. And back extensions just aren't something to do fast so I just pushed it on form for each rep--the last 5 of each round were the worst!

Tuesday WOD:
Modified Fran
subbed pullups with pushups due to lack of pullup bar anywhere near our weights. Time was 10min and some change. The 65# thrusters were miserably heavy...i am convinced that bumper plates are easier!

Monday WOD:
30 min trail run with my friend Megan who was in town from Singapore. It was an absolutely georgous morning for a run. I wish we had more of these. Then I did 3 rounds of 10 pushups 20 sits as extra! :)
Overall an easy am but most enjoyable with a good friend!

1 comment:

c wiss said...

I agree with you -- the iron plates in the "regular" gym DO feel soooo much heavier! :)

Your Monday WOD sounds perfect to me. Those are the kinds of WODs I love to do with my husband while we're on vacation. :)