Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back to the Yard

Almost drove to CF Ansbach this morning, but it was a German holiday today and wasn't sure if sessions were being held.  Knowing my luck, if I drove there, they wouldn't be open, but since I didn't drive down, they were open! Crap!

Either way, I got in a good WOD this morning.  I did a repeat of a backyard WOD I did back in March to see about some progress.  The original WOD and results were posted here.

400m Run
20 box jumps
15 pushups
Time: 23:45

Wow...I felt great this morning.  I shaved 2:15 off my time from this WOD six weeks ago. The run was MUCH easier, I barely noticed the hill. Would love to smoke through this in 20 minutes by the end of the summer!

I just realized I now have a wallball and could do Kelly in the backyard. We'll hit this one soon.  Kelly was my very first CF WOD ever...we go way back.

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