Monday, February 21, 2011

Max Clean and Jerk

WOD 1:
Establish 1RM C&J
Max effort: 110#, failed at 115#

WOD 2:
12,9,7 strict pullups
12,9,7 ring dips
9,7,5 hang clean (75#)
9,7,5 push jerk (75#)

This workout took forever! The strict pullups are totally holding me back, but I make sure I do each freakin' rep.  Flew through the ring dips with the purple band. I started the C&J with 85#, but after attempting a few jerks it just wasn't happening and I had to drop to 75#. The rest of the c&j went really well and I finally got the rhythm for the cleans.  Also, Jerry worked with me a bit on my form--the jerks in the first wod were a bit wobbly--when I split jerk I need to get my front food to the 1 o'clock position instead of straight out.  Also, I realized I need a little bit wider grip on my cleans to get the elbow whip around.  Ready to hit the max C&J again soon!

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