Saturday, February 26, 2011


Took Wednesday and Thursday off.  Tweaked back, laziness, sleepiness. Lack of solid nutrition had me down. 

Friday WOD
1RM Deadlift

Was gunning for 245/250, but alas, pulled 230. 10lbs shy of my max effort.  Was hoping for big numbers but the week got the best of me.

Hit up Crossfit Potomac with Chip this afternoon for their free class. Its always fun to see how other guys operate.  Plus, my bosses husband was going to come check it out so its always good to know someone on your first day.  We did a nice beginner metcon:

wallballs, boxjumps, KBswing.  1 minute of each exercise, 1 minute rest. Repeat 3x.  Was exhausting. My metcons are my stomach has been screwed up for about 2 days now. Not cool.

Back on track with the nutrition and sleep next week.

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Angie said...

Nice deadlift, even if not a PR!