Friday, May 20, 2011

Macho Man

Friday WOD
"Macho Man"
15 OHS
15 lateral burpee
12 OHS
12 lateral burpee
9 lateral burpee
9 Thruster
9 C-2-B Pullup
12 Thruster
12 C-2-b Pullup
15 Thruster
15 C-2-b Pullup
115lb Men, 75lb Women

I really wanted to hit this WOD RX'd this morning. I knew it would be ambitious.  The first few OHS's went up ok, but I couldn't even recall the last time I did OHS.  I soon realized I wasn't going to be doing 36 reps at 75#. But that's ok, because I was able to do the entire WOD @ 65#!!!!

I completed the WOD in 18:40 and was the first one to finish! Granted there was only 5 of us this morning all working at different levels, but damn that felt good!!  The burpees weren't fast, but I never stopped moving...I did all 3 sets of OHS unbroken.  I got through all 9 thrusters and hit 5 pullups on the first round, split the 12 thrusters into 6 and 6, and the last round 8 and 7.  It was awful, but it felt great to push through it. And, the pullups didn't even feel that bad.

Thursday WOD
5 mile training run.
8:30 average

Wednesday WOD
SKILL/SPEED-STRENGTH: 2 Snatches every MINUTE on the minute for 15 min.
Load should be heavy (80-85%) and technically sound (no ugly press-outs).
CONDITIONING: “Grace” 30 Clean and Jerks for time (95w, 135m)

Snatches: Started at 65,  moved up to 70 for a few more rounds, hit 75, failed at 80 at round 13.
Form was solid, no shoulder pain. It felt great.  Can't wait to do a 1x max!!

Grace: I've actually never done grace before.  After that serious snatch WOD I didn't get to try it at 85 like I wanted to so I stayed at 75# and finished in 4:01.  I just kept moving and moving and tried not to think about how tired I was.  I can't wait to try this for a first friday!

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Angie said...

Nice job on Grace - my all time favorite!!