Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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6.2 mile run.  1 hour. Training run for a half marathon in 5 weeks....i know, I should have started sooner, right?


WoD 1:
Back Squat 5 Rep Max
Use 5 Sets to establish your 5RM
145#.  Not a pr kind of day, about 10lbs off, but that's ok.  Hit this weight 2x, then dropped to 125# for a set of 10.

WoD 2:
50 Burpees for time
3:58.  Actually felt pretty good! Could I go faster? Always, but there was very little slacking here today.


Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Push press 85/115(65#)
10 KB Swings 35/53
10 Box jumps 24″ (23")
8 rounds+16 reps
As I've written, I have injured my shoulder a while ago, but we are on the mend! This was the second WOD I've done lately going overhead with moderate weight.  This time though, 80 reps of PP w/o pain is serious improvement. Huge.  KB swings and box jumps felt awesome.  I was pretty impressed that I was able to keep my cycle rate pretty consistent for the whole 20 minutes.  I had a few stumbles on the box jumps, but collected myself and got back up there. They are certainly coming along! 
More fun tomorrow!

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