Monday, May 23, 2011

Training Countdown

After a serious effort on Friday I followed it up on Saturday morning with a 10 mile run with my old running buddy Kayla.  She runs a running group out of the Pacers store in Logan Circle.  I got my butt out of bed, headed to the city, and joined some cool peeps for 8.25m run through beautiful Washington DC.  The course headed up historic 16th Street, skirted Rock Creek Park, wound down by the National Zoo, Georgetown waterfront, by the Kennedy Center, behind the Lincoln Memorial, then up 17th Street past the White House back to the store.  What a fun course.  Miles 6-7 flew by.  Once we got back into the city the stopping and starting really hurt my momentum.  I branched off after they finished the course for another 1.5 miles.  It was a bit short of 10m, not pretty, but pretty fun to run with people again on a cool course.

I bonked again around 6 miles and got the bacon nausea again. NOT COOL.  Trying to eat paleo and have enough energy/fuel to run these distances has been very hard.  I didn't get much support from the paleo challenge group.  A lot of "why are you still running" and "running long slow distances raises cortisol levels, making it difficult to loose weight and potentially make you gain weight".  I refuse to accept any of this.  I nice nudge towards the CF Endurance site would have helped.  Instead I had to think and research since I totally forgot about that program.  I should have used their WODs to train for the half, but lesson learned for the next race! I will eat paleo, just not the super strict paleo instructed by the challenge, which does not include fruit or nuts.  I've been "cheating" with bananas post run/post WOD to keep my energy levels up.  Really just a few berries would probably have the same effect.  I also learned doing some CFE reading, I need to eat lean protein/carbs in certain amounts pre-race and post race.  Eating paleo does aid much much faster recovery. That's for sure.

I will continue to blog on this topic and let you all know my results.  A coach seems to think that my training plan is counterintelligence to my goals (loose 10lbs, 120+ power clean, sub 2:10 half marathon) I'm holding steady at 157lbs, so no weight loss this week, but I've noticed a lot of body changes (slimmer thighs --pants not so tight, looser waist in my pants)  I'm thinking not enough rest is likely holding me back, but we head out to Chicago for a week on Thursday so we'll see what a week of relaxing and sleeping in will do for us!

This mornings WOD:
Regional affiliate WOD
Deadlifts (185 was RX, scaled to 155)
box jumps (24")
Time: 10:30

Was pretty proud of the box jumps this morning, not so much on the DL's.  More weaknesses to work.

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Angie said...

Sometimes you have to minimize the meaning of the number on the scale, especially if you are losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass. If you are noticing those changes in your clothes, you are making progress.