Thursday, June 25, 2009

Push AND Pull

WOD: Dan's Club
5 rounds, 90sec for each exercise, 60sec in between
5 rep strict press, 5 weighted pullups (flex arm hang for the PU challenged)
Go for total points!

Push Press: 55,55,65,65,65 = 1525
Pull Up (flex arm hang): 5,5,5,5,5 = 1896 (1/2 body weight per rep)
Total: 3421
Output: 3421/158lbs=21.65

This workout was just to keep loose and keep slowly building strength. I totally went easy on the strict press. I was able to easily clean the weight, then work all five reps with dropping the weight. Completed each round in about 30 secs, so I could have gone way heavier if I was actually working hard on this.

The flex arm hangs felt really strong. The core workout when you do them correctly is amazing. I recently read this post on the "Byers Gets Diesel" blog.

I think the kips might have something to do with sore shoulder. I'm going to start working the strict and aim to get that in a few weeks. I was close today, but can't quite get over the bar. The kip is fun, frustrating, a good cardio workout, torture on your hands, but really where are the strength gains? Not sure, but hell, if it doesn't hurt and keeps my shoulder happy I'm game to go with the strict for awhile!

Nice easy 4 mile run tonight in the HEAT. HOT, HOT, HOT.
T-3 days until I dive in the lake!

Since my fellow CFOT bloggers are "zoning up" here for the rest of the summer, I'll put my goals here. They say it is always better to write them down, right?

Current Weight (CFOT scale): 158.5
7/31/09 Goal Weight: 155
Ultimate Goal Weight: 150

Todays Lunch-Light cosi cobb salad and BREAD. but only b/c I won't really have dinner tonight and I need some freakin carbs to get me through the run. 2 workouts in one days justifies a piece, right?


Sean said...

Is the Tri on Saturday?

Erin said...

Sunday! Race report will be posted by Sunday evening. Stay tuned!

Sean said...


Katie said...

Good luck girl! I know you'll kick ass!!! :)