Thursday, June 11, 2009

Double Header

I planned two workouts today. CrossFit in the morning and an evening run with the women's group at Potomac River Running Company. =PRR= I've been slacking on my running lately and with two long races planned for the fall I cannot just blow off those workouts.

Today's WOD was a little nuts--killer Metcon. It was a competition among all CFOT classes--who can score the most points in 35minutes? Jerry had a long list of exercies and their worth in points posted on the boards.

My workout looked something like this:
1 mile run: 7:40: 10pts
Walking lunges (~200m): 6pts
Farmers Walk 25#: 3 pts
Row 25 calories: 2pts
Abmats 25: 1pt
Row 25 calories: 2pts
15 Jumping Slamball: 1pt
Row 25 calories: 2pts
15 KB swings: 1pt
25 Abmats: 1pt
15 jumping slamball: 1pt
Total: 30 points...there may have been more, who knows? I'm sure I lost count of something in there somewhere. I probably could have pushed it harder and done another farmers walk or ring dips for more points. I didn't realized ring dips were worth 2 points until afterward. Go figure.

A nugget on the Zone diet:
I asked around for new breakfast suggestions after class this morning. If I eat another bowl of cottage cheese with fruit or scrambled eggs, I might be sick. Sean offered up an idea for a yummy chicken salad. Chicken, grapes, apples. I'll add a some crushed almonds and a dab of mayo. Can't wait to try it this weekend.

Evening workout: 6:30 pm
I'm instituting "summer hours" at work on Thursday's until I move to my new job. I left a little early and headed down to Ballston to meet Tamara. Go figure the ONE DAY I need an orange train, there are of course two blue trains in a row! Then a full orange train....I hate metro.
I made to PRR just in time! This was to be a nice slow pace and just enjoy running with Tamara and a new running group. We did a great 4.5 mile loop with some nice hills at an easy pace. That's not to say it was easy! It was SO humid, my legs were exhausted from the a.m. workout, but all the same it felt awesome just to be outside doing something I love with some great peeps. Even better is that I have no idea how long it took us and I'm ok with that. It was a workout just to enjoy the sheer joy of running. :)


Sean said...

Dude... my butt is STILL killing me from yesterday's Walking Lunges.

And for the Chicken Salad you can use something other than Mayo for the fat - like a salad dressing like Honey Mustard.

Erin Gabriel said...

LOL! Mine too! It is hard to sit! this morning my butt actually felt that possible?

i think we found a weak link...a set of lunges once a week might be in order as "extra".

I will def. try the honey mustard route, i just love my mayo-the good thing is i'm down to using less than a teaspoon for flavor!