Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A chilly June night...

Pool workout
Weather: 70 degrees, cloudy, windy

This was swim number 4 of the season. 11 days until the triathlon. My mind is racing...why on earth did i think this was a good idea?? The pool is empty. The lifegards are indoors! I'm wearing a jacket over my swimsuit for Christ's sake...the water better be warm. Luckily it was!

The goal tonight--a nice easy swim. 10 linked laps (20 lengths), no stopping. Did a nice warmup lap and got down to business. I was cruising along and feeling pretty good and I thought I would try some bilateral breathing. I have terrible childhood memories of attempting this and then choking....
I tried it and it worked! I have new found neck flexibility. I get a little off balance, but heck, if it keeps me from hyperventilating it might be worth it! I completed 10 laps, decided to do a few more. Next thing I knew I was at 20! I was nice and warm and in the zone. I took a minute to breathe, did one lap of the breast stroke, then convinced myself I could do 30 laps all in the crawl-no doggie paddling! 30 came and went and I still had some juice...on to 40. Yippe! Double the distance of the tri. Now, can I do this in open water, drinking dirty lake water as opposed to my chlorinated drink of choice, with feet flying in my face?? We will see...stay tuned!

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