Thursday, June 18, 2009

Met-Con Madness

WOD #1:
5 rounds for time
400m run
30 Abmats
15 pullup
Time: 30:40

WOD #2:
4.5 mile run
Time: ~38 min

Despite sleeping straight through my alarm I managed to hurry and get organized for a double header Thursday. I rolled into the 0645 class just in time to join them for a great warmup with Jerry on the cleans. I cannot ever spend too much time on these.

WOD--there was a nice mist outside making for a fun run and miserable pullups with damp hands. The 0645 class has some slower runners, so I took the lead on the first two rounds, but then the pullups got the best of me and I finished dead last. The runs and the abs felt good and strong. My pullups don't seem to be getting stronger, but I'm not complaining. I'm rx'ing the workouts and doing everything I can not to resort back to a stupid band. I think if I put in a little more time on the kip and linking the reps, it will come. I need Keturah back to help me though! A shout out to my buddy Jason from work for pushing me right to the end.

After work I met up with the ladies group at =PRR= for our 4.5 mile run. Since I wasn't too burned from this morning I was going to hang with the lead pack. I tried running with one of my favorite pooches, Nick, a super fit chocolate lab, but he didn't want to leave his Mom so I handed him back at took off. I hung with the leaders at about a 8:30 pace up until the last mile when the heat and humidity hit us. Must hydrate better! I love these runs. New neighborhoods to explore, cool girls to run with, no egos or attitudes. After the triathlon next week, you'll hear more about running. North Face Challenge Half Marathon Trail run is only 3.5 months away...that is the next feat to conquer along with going sub 1:30 at the Army 10 Miler.

Little Victories Report:
Today I'm wearing a pair of pants that haven't fit into for two years!


Katie said...

Isn't that what it's all about? Feeling good in those pants... congrats girl! You've earned it.

Jason said...

Hey...just found your blog linked of the CFOT site. Hope you make it to 0645 again sometime soon. You can push me in the run and we'll both get through the pull-ups. Good stuff speedy!