Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh baby, baby

Result: 48:08

Team Effort--Do 100 reps of each exercise for time. Partner holds 'the baby' (35lb kb) while the other does the exercise.

Liz and I chose to do it in this order.
Calorie row
Jumpin' Slamball
wall ball
air sqat
box jump
push up

Huge shout out to my partner Liz. She has been on a CF break since December and just started back up 2 weeks ago! She did AWESOME! We pretty much split the reps between us 50/50. Bubba, the baby, wasn't so heavy at first. I found her a nice "shelf" to lean on for a good part of the workout. :) I swear this is the only time in my life where a larger chest has benefited my workout!

But towards the end our arms were fried and just standing with an extra 35lbs was difficult (note to self--NEVER gain 35lbs!) Ending with pushups was just punishment...I mean funishment! Despite this, I actually felt stronger on pushups than I did the other day!

Time was not an issue for us. Liz and I just wanted to finish and that we did! I ended my workout with a nice leisurely 5 mile bike home.

Passing Bubba to Liz

Liz, Erin, Bubba. DONE.

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