Monday, June 15, 2009

Erin Meets Pukie

3 power cleans, 3 front squats
Work heavy for 5-7 rounds

Max Effort: 80lbs

I woke up late today and missed the 0515, but made the 0600. When I saw cleans on the board I wanted to turn right around and go back to bed! But, I didn't! Jerry worked a great instructional warm up and I got my pull from the floor down and improved my jump.

I worked up to 80 lbs pretty quickly and got some solid cleans. I attempted 85, but like last week, just couldn't get it above chest height. Front squats were shaky, but it was just a few so I survived. By the time I hit 80, everything just hurt. I was exhausted. I stripped some weight and did 4 rounds at 65, which was great until I almost passed out. I got super dizzy and lightheaded...and then I saw pukie. Didn't puke, but he tried to get me. I stripped my weights and hightailed it out of the box.
Managed to get to work only to feel sick again. I ended up coming home and sleeping for 2.5 hours! I'll be taking a few days off---my body is revolting. What next!?!? My tri is in 2 weeks and I can hardly doggie paddle across the pool. I guess all ll I can do is just keep my head in the game, not get down on myself, and know that my last 4 months of training (and a sweet new bike!) will get me to that finish line.

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Tamara said...

You can do it! Just be careful that you aren't getting yourself into that "overtrained" zone.