Tuesday, June 9, 2009


WOD: 24: oo
400 m run
15 pullups
30 pushups
600 m run
12 pullups
24 pushups
800 m run
9 pullups
18 pushups

Extra: 2 rounds completed
14 sledge strikes
30 Dead animal cruch
24 double unders

It was a hot, steamy morning. I was tired. We got right down to business with the WOD and the first round was slow and torturous. Second round was progress. I linked 4 pullups in a row! A new personal record. I pumped out the last 9 pullupa without much effort. Pushups are another story. Weak, weak, weak. Time to put in some extra work there.

The real progress was on the extra work. I've been in awe of anyone who can do a double under (two full rotations of the rope in one jump) and do more than one. I've had a few half hearted attempts, but usually just submit to doing 3 single jumps for every prescribed DU. Today, I grabbed the rope and started jumping. Jerry urged us to really work on the DU if we hadn't yet gotten one. So, I got the rope whipping around me and went for it. Viola'! Effortless...I tried another, and another. Soon, I was stringing them together! A new skill to add to the books!

Another magic day at CrossFit Old Town. With constant effort, a little heart, and a dash of determination, I've found myself doing things I could not have even imagined 3 months ago. A pullup, a double under, a clean and jerk, a deadlift, and the list goes on...

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