Monday, November 2, 2009

More Snatch!

3 snatch (65#)
6 Lou Burpees (2 pushups per burpees)
9 24" box jumps
Time: 11:59

After a weekend of sitting, moping, and organizing my life, I was so ready to hit the box this morning. The rain kept me from my run and bike ride and I was really bummed about that.
Much to my surprise we had a crowd at 0515 this morning like I've never seen! Great energy for a great little WOD which, of course, looked easier than it was.

I finally put some weight on the bar-65 pounds for the snatch. It wasn't pretty. For some reason I kept having to press it out at the top. it made me so mad, but this move is something to just keep working on. Lou burpees just suck, but I didn't have to go to my knees on the pushups. Box jumps felt awesome this morning. At first glance they are intimidating, but I tried one before the WOD and it wasn't too hard. 9 reps for 5 rounds was a perfect amount to feel it during the WOD, I will feel it tomorrow, but it won't cripple me for the rest of the week! Christine and I then finished off with a mile run. I actually sprinted -- all out -- from Montgomery St. to the box. It felt really really good to actually sprint! Love that mile cool down too...the city's skyline is exquisite when the sky is showing the first glints of a new day.

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