Friday, December 11, 2009

Crossfitting Schweinfurt

Today our sponsor Dave invited us along for a workout with another buddy of his. Dave is a week or two into CF workouts and Tim the other has been doing his own CF workouts on his own. We were psyched to workout with them today.

For Time:
1 mile run
rest same time as it took you for the mile
800 run
400 run

There was a rocky track that was about .28m long. So much for accuracy. The weather was damp and COLD, but we did it up anyways.

My times were:
1 mile: 7:00m
800m: 3:30m
400m: 1:32m

Finisher -- inside:
20 Toes to Bar
50 situps
25 Dead Animal Crunch +25lbs

Crossfit Schweinfurt Begins!!

1 comment:

Jason said...

Awesome...time to bring the CFOT revolution to yet another country! Miss ya already!