Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dumbbell Bear and Observations of Army PT

"Dumbbell Bear"
5 RFT with dumbbells
5 deadlifts
5 squat cleans
5 push jerk
5 front squats
Rest 2 minutes between rounds
Time: 13:02
Weight: 20lb dumbbells

I found this workout on the internet yesterday looking up how to do dumbbell cleans, deads, etc.  Chip was super excited and we hit it this morning.  In the video this woman crossfitter used 45lb dumbbells.  I wanted to shoot for 35lbs, but when I tried 30lbs with the squat cleans my form was awful. Using dumbbells instead of a barbell takes some getting used to.  Your balance is off, you have to have both arms working simultaneously, etc. No cheating for sure!  The dumbbell push jerks are a little awkward--need to watch some more video on this. It is hard to separate these from a push press.
This was a solid workout, a burner, even at 20lbs.  I focused on form and finished each round in about 1:10 or 1:07 so very consistent. I'll hit 30lbs next time.

Now for some mindless ramblings:
Army PT starts here with some random shouting outside my window at 0545.  While jogging to the gym, there were just soliders milling about all over, not doing much of anything.  In the gym, a unit was doing a PT test.  OK, I'll forgive the standing around for that.  After our workout, we did some abs and pushups in the cardio room/ab area.  The unit, by this time, was in the cardio area...the entire unit was on either an elliptical/treadmill just plodding along watching TV.  One guy was even jogging on the treadmill holding on to the front display thingy....Seriously? What a sight to see.  Back in the weight area--it is all nautalus machines and some dumbbells--some dudes were doing curls and bench press.  They were doing like 10 reps, getting up and wandering around. No one was sweating despite the fact it was 80 degrees in there.

They were watching Chip and I as if we were freaks.  I got a million stares of various sorts, but mostly, a quizzical what the "what the F is she doing?" It was great.  Plus, all said and done with a warm up and cool down we were done in 30min!

On the way back to the hotel we passed another unit in formation in a field.  I turn to Chip--"Seriously? The Army calls that exercise?"  There were like 25 dudes lined up doing some wierd squat motion, but really it looked like they were just touching their knees.  Across the field, 25 more dudes were waving their arms around.  Maybe arm circles?  Chip had no idea what the squat crap was, but vouched that several minutes of arm circles/waving sucks.  Ok, maybe so, but really, this is exercise? It looked miserable and not fun at all. I realized the army isn't supposed to be fun, but I would want to shoot myself....   Luckily, Chip said this is not his brand of PT---hardly.  I've already suggested a half "Angie" workout for his first day of command. :)

I feel bad knocking the Army, but seeing a whole slew of out of shape soliders and some seriously questionable exercises, made me feel bad for them all. Up early in the freezing cold, forced to do silly exercises that won't necessarily make you stronger or your job easier.  I know that CF is catching on with the Marines....the Army needs to take some serious notes. I'm not necessarily saying CF is for everyone, but at least make them sweat and do the exercises properly. 

Ok, I'm done with my Army ramblings. This morning I was especially thankful for Jerry, Andrea, Chris, Melissa, Keturah, Danny, Danya for their awesome coaching and the rest of the CFOT family for always inspiring each other and wanting to take it to the next level.


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