Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Power Clean PR

Strength/Skill WOD:
Hang/Power Cleans
45lb- 3 hang cleans/3 power cleans
65lb- 3 hang cleans/3 power cleans
75lb- 3 hang cleans/3 power cleans
85lb- 3 power cleans
95lb- 3 power cleans
100lb- 1 power clean (NEW PR!)

Ok, so this was my first WOD in the gym here by myself. And first with a barbell.  I felt ridiculous standing in front of a mirror alone, with a few dudes benching and doing curls, and listening to prince and christmas music on a german radio station. Talk about motivation.  I found my inner drive and just went for it.  My form was actually really good (I think) much, much better than in the past.  I had a great pull from the floor, which I think is due to all of snatch work of late, and whipped those elbows.  I only muscled 1 at 95 because I got lazy.  I then just got mad and finished 95 and then hit 100 with no problems.  I wasn't sure I could do 2 more at 100lb w/o dropping the bar, so I just did one so I didn't make a scene. :)

Met-Con Finisher
1000m Row: 4:20
Glut ham (subbed decline sit up bench)
Back extension (used the 45 degree angle one)

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Tamara said...

Don't feel ridiculous! The unmarried guys in that gym were wondering where to find a cute, fit girl like you. And the married ones were wondering how to motivate their wives to get their butts in the gym with you!

Go, Erin, go!