Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkey Trot, New OHS/Strict Press PRs and Chaos

Behind on blogging....the week in Chicago reeked havoc on my workouts and the diet. I ended up taking a whole 8 days off of crossfit, but got in 3 runs in the meantime. The family Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving was great--a chilly 4 miler. I put up a really good time of 33minutes and some change. Not my fastest ever, but finished 6th in my age group out of 40 some women. Good enough for taking an entire month off of running. :) Being Crossfit rocks.


1x OHS
Top Load: 105#
My last attempt at OHS was 100x3 and I had made serious headway in my overhead moves lately so I was looking for a big PR. Nope...a baby one. 5 measly pounds over my 3 rep max AND I had to have a spot on the jerk. I guess I was a little soft after a week off and my intensity at 0515 just wasn't there after sleeping 9+ hours a night for a week straight!

Strict Press x 3
Top Load: 75#
Just 2 weeks ago I hit 70 for 3 reps and could barely move 75. Today I wasted no time ramping up and 70 easily. Almost too easily. Then hit the three at 75 and they were solid attempts. Tried 77lbs and could't even press it....I'll take the 5lb PR in two weeks. :) The only downside of all of this is that my jackets are getting even tighter and shopping is NO FUN because shirts are so hard to find! And I like shopping....

My diet has been a mess since being in chicago. Carbs everywhere, veggie shortages, I'm not even sure my family eats fruit... and the quantities. Oh my. Why is it that mothers feel that they must stuff their children when they come home? Don't they realize that we eat on our own? When will they learn that less is more?!? I learned that less in more. More make me sick. REALLY SICK. Mostly, just painful. My stomach hasn't felt so awful in years. Not fun. And now we're in the throws of the move and I have at least 2 weeks more weeks of eating out every single meal....this will be the true test of how crossfit I am. Do I have the mental stamina to make this work?

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Tamara said...

We'll be healthy at our house this weekend - don't worry!