Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SNATCH Intervals

a.) Snatch Intervals
Heavy Snatch 1-3 reps, every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

b.) 250 Row, 18 pushup, 10 dips
3 rounds, rest 90sec after each round

Worked out with Chip, Dominic, and Logan last night.  We weren't sure what we wanted to work---I had Jerry's WOD in my back pocket and it is what we ended up doing.  Chip and I took them through the Burgner warmup, then I gave some coaching tips on a proper snatch.  I am so not qualified to do so, but I was the only one of the group who had ever had real coaching on it.  We worked on snatch grips, jump to land form, snatch vs. squat snatch, and the concept of moving the bar in a straight line.  By the end of the WOD the four of us had some pretty snatchy snatches going on.  We all needed to be quicker under the bar, but I know that is what I need to work on. And for the rookies, well, I told them it will come and we will just have to watch some more video.  Both Logan and Dom rocked this for a first real snatch workout.

We ended up doing hang snatches because the weights here are so small (height wise) its almost like pulling an empty bar from the floor which just totally screws with the form.

I used only 55lbs.  I was disappointed in this weight since my max snatch in 75, but using a 45lb bar as the base and not being able to drop ANYTHING just makes everything seem so much heavier.  I just don't get it. Well, it is what it is and I'm getting the WOD's in and the body will adjust to the new stuff.  I did feel pretty strong and my form was solid all the way through if I do say so myself.  There are, of course, mirrors there--I now get walk around, flex and admire my CF muscles! :)   Haha, yea right.   I had some weird tracking on my right knee today that boldly reminded me that I don't have any cartilage left.  Getting old is rough.

Interval work-
The boys did Jerry's WOD as RX'd.  Logan and I didn't have anywhere to really work kips (the boys did strict pullups) so we subbed bodyweight dips and chose the short option to work speed on the row and form on the pushups.  I don't have an unassisted dip on the rings but on a dip bar I do! yea! Unfortunately I quickly figured out those are super hard after a row and pushups so Chip held my feet for a little assistance.  It wasn't pretty but I got it done.

Two days of rest now for skiing--I CANNOT be tired on the slopes or I will risk more knee injuries.
Next post will be after Christmas with a report on skiing and snow fun in Garmsich-Partenkirchen and the Zugspitze!

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