Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back in the saddle with Tabata and Squat Cleans

Tuesday WOD
Tabata: squats/pullups/burpees/push press/row
Tabata's are rough, but luckily they go by fast.  Squats were solid averaging about 15-16 each round.  Pullups were actually jumping negatives...the other bars were all blocked off.  I got about 3 solid each round. burpees were a solid 5 each round, push press was sad at 4-5 at 45#, row was a total of 38 calories.  I didn't really count the numbers, just tried to stay consistent. Finisher was 3 rounds of 10GHD situps, 10 back extensions.

Wednesday WOD

Last recorded hereI thought I totally had a PR day....I guess I did, sort of. My last 3X squat clean work I set a baseline at 80, then a few weeks later, pulled 90 for 1X.  Today I did 90 for 3X-looked like this:
65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90 

These were done from the hang position since I'm not using bumper plates.  The plates I use are set the bar too low to the ground to pull properly from the power position. That said, my pull felt awesome and rolling the bar back on the fingertips is becoming much more natural. The squats were strong despite some still really sore quads.  I kept my elbows high the whole time and just see-sawed the rise on the last squat just a bit. But, that's cuz I know my core is lacking some strength these days. I know with a consistent lifting schedule and some coaching I could easily hit #100. 

So, while I thought my days of Oly lifts were numbered, this was a great little comeback session. Good form and a strong effort. That's all I ask for. It's so hot here, I think I'll be hitting the pool tomorrow!

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