Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sexy Back

So after two days of failed attempts at working out, I was determined to do it right today.  Thursday night I got in half a bike ride---flat on the way back. Mindi taught me how to change a flat though. Yea for new skills! And its fun to look like a badass with bike grease all over ya. Too bad we drained the air before we got the tire right.  Friday was just a waste...depressed.

I woke up early today and was catching on my blog reading.  I just have to say a big THANK YOU to all you out there in blogland.  You are such and inspiration and I would kill for one of your WODs a week. It is also good to know that others are struggling with the same things I am--motivation, working out alone, stress, the hell that military life can sometimes leave you in.

I am a huge fan of CrossFit Angie right now because her affiliates WODs are right up my alley, i.e. doable in my backyard without a lot of equipment.  This morning was nice and cool so this WOD looked like a great one to hit:

30 Wallball (14#)
15 burpees
Time: 18:28

Finisher: 1 mile trail run (try that after 150 burpees) It was ugly.

I breezed through round 1 in 2:30, round 2 in about 3:30 and got slower from there.  I just kept "chunking" each round. 10, 10, 10...5, 5, 5.  catch breath between rounds.  On round 4, Sexy Back came on my ipod...not a huge fan of JT, but just the right beat.  Then I started thinking about how last summer I felt amazing, confident, happy with myself. I loved hanging out at the pool on the weekends, and didn't blink about having to put on my suit--even if it was a bikini. Not so much this summer...but you got to start somewhere.  Hopefully by just plugging along at these WODs and not giving up, I can get my "Sexy" back. 

This WOD will do that. Core must be tight on burpees. Abs and Gluts cannot sag.  I also discovered that wallballs get easier if you just stick your butt really far back, while in the ass to grass position, then tighten your abs and thrust/swing with your hips, it takes a good deal of the quad work out of the movement--mine were screaming by round 2.

Hoping to maybe hit CF Ramstein on Monday. Maybe? Maybe?


Angie said... made me smile. :)
(and I needed that!)

Great job on the wallball/burpee WOD. That one took me forever, as you know. I will have to try your tips on wallball technique!!

c wiss said...

Ah, the curveballs of military life -- trust me, I know what you mean.

Keep on staying positive! Yes, you definitely can achieve your goals! If you want WOD ideas, post a list of your equipment and I'll look through my WOD list and see if anything meets your needs. :)