Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Tuesday: Press x 3, Push Press x 3, Push Jerk x 3

A. 12 minute time limit: Find your 3 Rep max in the Press
B. 12 minute time limit: Find your 3 Rep max in the Push Press
C. 12 minute time limit: Find your 3 Rep max in the Push Jerk

A. 75x3, 80x1  New 1xPR (it was solid!)
B. 95x3
Ok, so I jumped way to fast on the press...and did 80 when I thought it was 75. Oops. I was pissed until I recounted the weight. Then I was like "yippe".  Push presses hurt my wrists so bad.  I felt strong but reracking each rep was killer on my wrists.  After hitting 95, I stopped and went to the jerk since I felt the form going by rep 3. I stripped the bar down to work on the movement and wrists just said no. I called it a day.  And I'm so pissed I quit.  Do any of you have wrist issues like this? It felt like a strength issue, not mechanical. Do I just have weak wrists?!

Warmup was solid today: 
3 Rounds
10KB swings
10 squats--cleaning up my form.
5 dips on the bars--first round I got all 5! Then the next two I did 4/1, 4/1. Felt strong. Will do 10 next time! :)

Monday WOD
10 KBHP (45#)
10 DB thrusters
10 situps
100ft lunges
Time: 6:38

This was a quick little WOD at the CF Ramstein location. This just happened to be on the WB and I went with it.  There were 2 other guys there doing other WODs, so I just did this one. A smoker!  I finished it up with some 400m sprints with a guy I met whose name I can't remember. His WOD was 20AMRAP of 400m sprints. Eww. I joined him for his last 5 sprints. Round 1 was a 1:13 for me and I held them all under 1:30. It felt slow, but the clock doesn't lie. A nice little finisher. Hoping to hit one of their Saturday sessions soon! 


Angie said...

First of all, anyone that is doing the amount of work you've written about here is not a Wuss. Be nice to yourself!

Second, I think a lot of us have wrist issues. I recently asked my coach about it and he said it is a common complaint. A lot of people at my box will tape their wrists for OHS or HSPU and the like. I haven't tried it just yet, but they all swear by it.

c wiss said...

I remember last time I worked a 3RM on push jerk that my wrists were *killing* me by the time I finished. And I have had some mega pain in the wrists from OHS on some occasions. Could've just been the day -- I think you made the right choice in being kind to your body. :)

Nice 400s! I really need to hit the track and find out just how slow I am running these days... Yikes!