Friday, July 23, 2010

Running and a FUN WOD

After Wednesday's DNF, I was pretty bummed.  It was day 2 of yet another separation from my husband (out of the almost 7 years we've been together, we've only really lived together in the same State/city/country for about 3)  There is always a withdrawl period that includes some moping, eating bad foods, and a bottle of wine.  I moped, I ate, and I drank.  That night I was chatting with my friend Nikki--my lifeline to the real world--and told her I was contemplating dropping out of the Army 10-miler. I'm not inspired to run, I loathe it.  I miss my running partners. It's so much more fun with some girly chatter, and someone to push your limits...oh and coffee afterwards! As I went to bed, I said, ok...test yourself. Get up and run tomorrow and see how it goes.

9am Thursday I laced up the trail runners, pressed play on the ipod, then ducked into the forest. 5 minutes in I wanted to quit. 10 mintues in I wanted to shoot myself. I'm bored, my hamstring hurts, and I'm bored.  By 15 minutes I've got my stride, I found a good song losing myself in the music and I found a new area of the forest to explore.  My goal was 45 minutes. 1 hour if I was feeling good.  Total time: 54 minutes....I have no clue how far it was, but I ran the whole time, hills and all.   I can't say it felt good, but sometimes you just have to prove to yourself you can do it.

The other day CFOT posted this WOD and it looked FUN!

3-5 RFT (Scale to your level)
600m run
10 hang cleans (85#women)
20 KB swings
30 anchored situps

I scaled the cleans to 65# on Round 1, then scaled up to 70# on rounds 2-3. Run was on the treadmill. Time was 23:10. I think I could have done more weight on the cleans, but really wanted to make sure the form was good before I went heavy.  My clean form truly sucks.  I would have loved to go 5 rounds on this, but had lots to do this morning--hopping the train to Landstuhl!! I think I'm going to hit this one again in a month or so. I really enjoyed it. 


Angie said...

It's a shame more people don't realize what our miltary families go through! The emotional turmoil of missing your spouse is so difficult. Heck, I hate it when my husband is gone for even one night. You're entitled to some moping and, of course, the wine. ;)

It's great that you got out and made yourself run. Even if you didn't love it, you did it!

Tamara said...

Yay for Nikki to be there for you. Good news - we just got a new computer and will be setting up skype! Don't bail out. EVERYONE has bad days. You and Chip are strong. Hang in there sweetie. xoxo