Friday, July 2, 2010

Struggling with Motivation, Again

20 KBHP (35lbs)
20 Lunges
20 Dips
20 Pushups
20 AbMats

Something I concocted while still in my pj's this morning. Boy was putting dips and pushups back to back was so dumb. By round 2, my triceps were frozen.  Crap. Round 2 I did 20 dips, 10 pushups and round 3 was the reverse.  This took me forever--I had no desire to move fast. It was hot outside (unusal for Germany at 8am) and I just wanted to stop. This was not fun anymore, it was a chore. I even whined to myself about all the ants in the grass while doing my pushups and abmats.  Wow, what a whiner...i put the clock out of my mind and just finished it.

So the parents were dropped off at the airport and we had quite the adventure on the way home--stuck on the autobahn for 1.5 hours. Sigh--totally needed a nap after that. After a nap, I met Chip at the gym after a meeting he had.  This was the first time we'd been to the gym together in months.  I had no motivation to do anything so I said, ok, you tell me what to do.  After some stretching for warmups, we hit a 2K row for time.  2K! I hate rowing, especially long distances.

2K row for time: 8:42.  I tried so hard to make the rower go faster, I really tried and I don't know how to make it go faster! Grrr. My goal was to beat Chip, who is now 5+ months post stroke.  He's so strong...he finished just 1:20 behind me at a solid 10min.

Then, I wanted to some OHS and GHD's.  My plan was 5 Rounds--10 OHS (45#), 10GHD.  I finished 3 rounds before I felt like I was going to pass out.  Summer requires hydration, a mere little fact I forgot about yesterday.  Totally dumb.  Regardless, 45lbs felt heavy and my wrist is so out of whack---GHD's still felt strong.

Training alone again requires every ounce of me when I don't have a life, a consistent schedule, a job, or anything forcing you to even get out of bed each day.  I would love to follow and affiliate program or train virtually or something, but the lack of equipment, and fellow people makes it nearly impossible. I'm going to try to get back on track here in July, but I know it will be a stretch. Especially since I'm sitting here at 10am in my jammies with no plan to move from the couch.  we'll wrap this up here and stay tuned for a post on fat loss vs. muscle loss....going to do some research.


Jason B. said...

I have a little motivation/training goal for you...90 minute Army 10-Miler in October. I havent forgotten our agreement! So get in there! I plan on programming my runs with straight CF Endurance methodology. If you are interested, I will share the plan when I get it put together!

c wiss said...

Lack of equipment is probably my biggest frustration when trying to do any CF on my own... I so feel you on that one.

And I also know just what you mean about no structure in your days, sounds a lot like my life all of last year. Just keep on moving, even if it's just pushups and situps and squats.