Monday, August 23, 2010

20 MIN Metcon

WOD #1: 
1000 m swim
I wanted to swim 1800, but the pool got full with a bunch of old people just swimming aimlessly. Without lap lanes, it became dangerous to keep your head in the water.   Felt pretty strong today--will hit the pool again later in the week!

WOD #2
20 Min AMRAP 
10 DB shoulder Press, 10 Burpee, 10 Box Jump
Total: 9 rounds

So after the pool I came home and ate crap.  The weekends away from home and on the road just throw me off! The fridge is empty, I'm sad and bored and what do I do? Eat...crap.  Well, that means another WOD is in order. I did CFOT's alternate WOD for the day and boy was it a kicker. 
I think this little couplet should have had one more element to it, but regardless, it made you work on your mental game. I used 15lb dumbbells which turned out to be perfect. I was able to do most of the sets of 10 unbroken and some with just a slight rest in the middle. Burpees---oh how i hate thee. They are one of my most improved moves of the year though. As my friend Soni says--JUST KEEP MOVING--DON'T STOP. That's what I did on the burps and the box jumps. 
I had a solid sweat going on and people were totally staring at me--"what is that silly girl doing, flailing and jumping around in the corner?".  I think it helped that I had my ipod shuffle on me to keep me focused.  If it ever stops raining (yes, its STILL raining) I hope to get a long bike ride in one of these days.

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Angie said...

Eh, let them stare and wonder what you're doing. You're supposed to sweat when you work out. :-)

The eating is a day by day thing - just tell yourself every day you're going to eat well. Give yourself one day to eat crappy stuff if you want (I do). Although, I'm not sad and bored, so I know you've got a bigger hurdle to get over than I do. Hang in there!