Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Monday!

Ok, so I've had a few days off.  The rain last week nixed my planned 5 mile run on Thursday, then disorganization ruined my Friday morning.  I spent the weekend in Strasbourg, France, with my handsome husband--where the workout was walking and eating! Strasbourg is a small town on the German/French border that was fought over for many years between the Franks and Prussians.  It has lots of french and german influences in language, culture, and architechure, and food! The highlight was walking along the canals enjoying the pretty scenery and basking in a perfect summer day.  Since this blog is also a little about traveling, I've included some photos!

Photos: (1) Chip and I along the canal in Petite France (2) Notre Dame Cathedreal (3) La`Backoffe - traditional alsacian dish with Lamb, potatoes and veggies in a white wine sauce- baked all day (4) Quiche Lorraine-why we ARE in Alsace-Lorraine! It was translated in English as "bacon cake" yea..give me some BACON CAKE. It was buttery, bacon, egg goodness, 

Time to get back at it today for sure. Diet was pretty clean today and while I'm hungry tonight, I'll forgo the evening ice cream snack, since it feels so good to feel good!

The CF Old Town WOD was 5x5 push press today with an "after party" of a brutal couplet: 33pushups, 27 KB swings, 21 DB thrusters--scaled down from there for rounds 2/3.   The presses were off to a solid start. Round 3 at 65# felt strong and round 4 at 70# was solid.  I went for 75# for 5--my 1RM is 80#....I nailed all 5 reps.  Boy did that feel good!  I rested a little bit and was ready to dig into the after party madness.  By pushup 15 I was in rough shape...all 27 swings went unbroken...then to the thrusters. My arms quit on about rep 12...just quit.  I tried a few more reps where I really tried to work the hips, but the arms gave out. Finnito. I knew I was meeting a friend at the pool for a quick swim in a hour so I didn't feel so bad.

My real after party was a 1 mile swim! yes--a mile swim.  It felt amazing.  The first 500m flew by and I just kept going. I felt strong after 1200m so I did a few laps of breast stroke, then finished off with a solid 200m freestlye. I love that crossfit keeps me strong so that I can just do things like pop into the pool randomly and swim a mile and feel awesome afterwards. I didn't time myself, but I'm going to start getting some rough estimates of how long this takes me.


c wiss said...

Nice afterparty, wow! I need to force myself to swim long freestyle distances more, I get so worn out! Maybe I'll start out with 1/2 a mile and report back how that goes.

Thanks for the pics of your trip, glad you two got to see some of the sights in Europe together. You make a very cute couple. :)

Angie said...

The quiche looks so yummy. :) Love all the pictures from your trip.

My favorite part of this post is what you said about crossfit keeping you strong enough to just jump in the pool and swim a mile. I love that about CF too - it keeps me in shape to do whatever I want!!