Friday, August 20, 2010


Quick lift this AM:

5@55 (Hang)
5@65 (Hang)
3@75 (Hang)
1@85 (Power)
1@95 (Power)
1@100 (Too ugly to count!)
5@75 (Hang)

The last time I did max cleans was back in April.  It's been a LONG time. I hit 105 that day--a PR.  Nowhere near that today.  The form was great in the lower weights and I nailed 85 and felt great. 95 was a little sloppy and 100 was too ugly to count. Then I dropped and just did a few more to nail the form.  I will try to hit a clean WOD next week too.  Can't let the form and strength get too far from me.  I think if I had a coach and someone to push me on these I would be hanging in the 115-120.  In the next year I would love to nail a 120# clean.  Only with a little work, right? 

Oh and the reason i go from the hang and then power is because we don't have bumper plates! Going from the power position with just 65# on the bar will kill one's back--not cool. Once I can put the bigger wheels on, I can manage from the floor much easier.

1 comment:

Angie said...

I've just started really loving cleans, once I figured out how essential it is to release that hook grip and let if fall on my shoulders.
You did great for not having done them in a several months!