Sunday, August 15, 2010

Run and Air Squat WOD--Progress?

So, as bummed as I was about Chip leaving for Landstuhl early this afternoon I wasn't going to just mope and sit on the couch.  I do too much of that already! :)  I was about to change and again came the rain!!! jesus, it rains a ton here.  The landlord stopped by to chat for a minute and he said we've had 80 liters of rain in August so far--which is apparently a ton.  Germans use some kind of rain guage to measure volume instead of height.  Despite the rain, the park was filled with families--if the rain doesn't scare the Germans, then I won't let it scare me.  Off I went to start my WOD---an easy at home one!

1mile run (easy pace) and stretching

400m run
50 airsquats
Time: 10:29

As I did this WOD it seemed easier and faster than the last time I did this.  Apparently it was--the last time I did this was in May.  I had reversed the exercises and did the squats first though. Do you think that reall makes a difference--I mean a whole 5 minutes of difference? It's the same amount of work. Or, maybe my running has gotten that much better? I complained that in May I was running the first 200m uphill--ha, uphill, upschmill. It's not a hill compared to what's around the corner! I barely notice the slight rise now.  Is my instensity better? Pushing myself through the air squats faster maybe? I know for sure I didn't walk one bit on the run this time around, which I probably did last time. Was it the mile warmup instead of doing it too cold? Not sure, but hell--I'll take a 5 minute PR.  That's almost a metcon ninja time.

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