Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slacking for Real

4 days off?! What the heck. I feel like a blob! Planned to do something this evening and the weather continues to crap on me and forces me further under the blankets burrowing into the couch cushions. Weather really plays a factor in my mood--I need sunshine more than once a week.

This weeks goals: 1xswim, 1x 3-4 mile run, 1x 6-7 mile run, back squats, 20+min metcon. I have 4 days to get my arse to complete this.  Headed to Paris for the Labor day weekend where there will be a lot of walking, but no exercising.

I've got to get back on an eating plan. Enough of the carbs, crap, ice cream and woe is me eating. I'm nice and "fluffy" and I don't like it. If I'm headed back to work in a few months, I'd better get crackin' so all my clothes will fit nicely.  Maybe I could catch a stomach bug too or something, or the I worry so much I can't eat bug...that would be nice. Being on the road so much, living without a kitchen 2-3 days a week,  and eating out every weekend makes any sort of "diet" in this country near impossible. It's not like you can just drop in somewhere and get a grilled chicken salad...

Ok, oh weak one-get back on the plan. NOW.

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c wiss said...

Hey girl -- I have been thinking we should do some kind of virtual blogger support group for a Paleo / primal "re-commitment", or continuation for those who are on track.

Instead of doing it for points, or to be perfect -- just doing it for the right reasons, to get healthy, to fuel awesome performance, to feel amazing. All the good stuff. :)

Let me know what you think. :)