Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On Why.

Today was a rest day, but hardly. Lots of thinking.

I've come up with the following reasons for why I do what I do:
-It's fun. most of the time.
-I know I can and there is no one to stop me but myself.
-I have the freedom to choose to be healthy and fit.
-I always take the road less traveled...life would be boring any other way.
-I'm a Taurus and incredibly stubborn. If someone says do something, I will try until I get it right.
-Chip is away a lot. I need to be able to move couches, flip mattresses, carry lots of groceries across the parking lot and up 3 flights of stairs, and move heavy bookshelves all by myself.
-At work it is fun to just flip that new jug of water on the cooler or fetch boxes of paper instead of asking the men to do it, like all the other women do. Oh, and do it in a skirt and heels! :)
-So my clothes will always fit and I don't have to try on 10 pairs each morning to find the pair that will fit that day.
-Friends and community.
-For stress relief.
-To honor the strength within and the one body God gavve me.
-To let my inner "queen" shine.

Thanks to all who offered their support and Molly Barker's blog from today--what a heartwarming story!

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Christine said...

good stuff Erin... :)