Thursday, September 10, 2009

A long week of...

half ass WOD's, infections, angry stomach, and stress. Sigh. Hardly worth writing about when you have nothing good to say and you just want to pitch all this madness and return to burrowing on the couch eating pasta, pizza, and ice cream. It's not inspiring from here...just warning.

Wednesday=Tabata something with pullups and ring dips. Only positive was that I got 3 pullups in a row 3 or 4 times. Tried the unassisted ring dip, but a no go...will stick to floss.

Ended up in urgent care as my insect bite was growing, itchy, and blistering. Result was cellulitous, an infection of the skin that is apparently very, very nasty. Now am on 14 days of antibiotics.

Thursday: Hang Cleans 1 rep Max. PR'rd with 95#. For some reason this doesn't seem like much to celebrate. A 5lb improvement over last week and the form was slightly improved...still need to dial in on the jump to land, dive under the bar...the body just doesn't want to cooperate.

I was certainly not dialed in this morning. My stomach is a mess and I feel like i'm 4 months pregnant (luckily I know it is not possible! :) ) I almost didn't make it this morning b/c my pants were so tight and uncomfortable--the doctor said to not wear shorts and expose my infection. We're 90 days out from moving nach Deutschland. We don't have official orders and I have to basicaly single handedly mange this move. I've given up on my eating--bread, crackers, chips, and oatmeal have creeped back into the diet. I'm sick of eggs...I REALLY don't like vegetables. I eat too much dairy (organic yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheese) and probably too much fruit (hello sugar). So do I ditch the dairy and dial back the fruit? Then substitue with what? More chicken? Oh grocery store was out of chicken!!! Any suggestions for making cooking/eating more fun?

On a slightly positive note, I'm not going to eat pizza tonight despite a serious craving. I've not indulged in ice cream and will hit my 30 day challenge.

Oh, and Chip should be home in less than 60 days...and I still want to hit the 150lb mark on the scale -- My "fat skinny" weight when he left. Will i make it? Probably not, but I'm stating here that I am going to try.

If you've read this far, I apologize for the ramblings...getting it all out makes me feel better and a few self reminders as to why I keep climbing that mountain never hurts

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Tamara said...

You are doing great! You are stronger than you've ever been, incredibly fit, and I recall that you dropped off a whole bunch of clothes that no longer fit you which means you are leaner and meaner than ever! You may not hit the number you want -- because muscle weighs more than fat and you've got a whole lot of muscle right now!

Be kind to your body. You are increasing your cardio, so you need some carbs. They aren't enemies -- it's about balance and good choices.

YOU CAN DO ALL OF THIS! You are a superstar. And I remember when it was in the 200s until Chip came home. Less than 60. Heck, you can do that in your sleep. Hang in there!!