Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fight Gone Bad IV

What more is there to say? One insane workout, one awesome day, one killer effort by the CFOT team.

I haven't had a workout like this probably since high school and boy did it feel good! Out of breath, legs shaking and burning, getting the pukie feelings, noodle arms. The fog...oh the fog...working so hard you can't even remember what you did!

I started the first round on box jumps, a strength of mine. A minute is an absolute eternity when at 30 seconds you already feel like you're done. I smoked the first round of this and felt good going into the second round--that is until about the second minute or so when the fog hit and then the stomach cramped. It was downhill from there, way downhill. All I remember is Christine, Sean, and Dan yelling one more...10 seconds...come can do it...when you have two marines and a met-con ninja yelling at you it is hard not to get your ass in gear. Thank you all for your super motivation!

I was shooting, of course, for 300, but only hit 247 reps. Frankly, not too shabby considering:
(1) I've barely done anything the last two weeks
(2) I have a messed up arse and hip
(3) I've only been crossfitting for 6 months
(4) not too many women broke the 250 mark and those that did have been at this for a year or more.

The rounds looked like this:
Box Jump Push Press(55lbs) Row Wall Ball (14lb) High Pull (54lb)
27 24 14 22 16 =103
16 17 9 18 16 =76
14 16 12 14 12 =68 Total=247

I totally tanked that last round. I know it likely has to do with the sore right leg (especially on teh wall balls), not working out for 2 weeks, and nutrition. I just don't know what to eat before events like this. Eat? Not eat? Carbs? Protein? Either way, it is important to eat afterward or else you crash--you need sugar and carbs after an event like this. I learned that the hard way.

I loved this event and would love to do it again. Hopefully we will be able to organize something in Germany! :)

Ready to get back in the box and really get at it again...

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