Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sometimes Your Goals Change

Another weekend, another run, right? Yep, and after a light 40 minute jaunt, I ended up with a still very sore hamstring. Damn.

At breakfast with Katie and Adam (thank for ditching Sean!) we got talking about our goals coming into Crossfit and how they have changed. When you haven't a clue with what you are getting into with crossfit and all the sudden you realize you've drank the kool-aid, your goals start to change... My goals were originally to loose 15lbs, run a PR at the GW 10 miler (last April), and run a half-marathon, do a 1 pullup, etc. Oh, and get some defined arms...

Before Crossfit I was a really into running, lots of races, a great running group. After I started crossfit, my old running buddies ditched me because they didn't understand it...or something like that. I started running less, and crossfitting more. My new goals became getting that unassisted pullup, doing a chest to deck push up, lifting 100 lbs (in any lift), figuring out that double under, getting strong enough to do a handstand pushup (still have yet to even attempt). I started worrying less about weight and more about what I put in my mouth and why. I was still running, but decided a triathlon might be more fun that a road race. It was. But, I still had these two lingering end of the season races and those goals of completing a half marathon this year and going sub 1:30 in a 10-miler.

So today I sit one week away from meeting the half marathon goal. Can I run 13 miles? Sure I can. Should I run it? No. Will I? I'm pretty sure I won't. Why? Because it would just be plain stupid to injure myself worse just to meet some stupid goal I set in January.

Katie and I were chatting with Jerry after breakfast this morning and he just happened to ask about the hammie. His look and scolding tone of "It's never going to heal unless you take those two weeks off" and then something like, "if you do, expect to have to take 3 or more off when you're done with it." told me everything. I tried to talk my way out of it, but it has stuck with me all day. Without actually saying it, I think he meant that "I think you're stupid if you do it and don't come complain to me when you can't perform in the box--i saw you half ass the FGB workout yesterday." Well, he's right. I've been using this injury as an excuse for awhile and I'm just too stubborn to do what I know I need to do. I need to listen to the coach and my body and bench myself, before the body benches me for the season.

It's time to change those goals again. My new goal is to train smart. There wil be other races to run. I will continue reaching for met-con ninja status, a 100lbs clean, to get that unassisted ring dip, and handstand pushup, and 5 pullups in a row--but maybe not this month, or next. In the short term, it is to heal in time for a few rounds of FGB and have fun running or run/walking the 10miler with all my friends.

So a break I take...see you in a few weeks.


Jason B. said...

Rest up and heal up. Hopefully we'll see ya at FGB on the 26th!

Sean said...

Way to throw me under the bus, Gabes... You know I had commitments!

Adam said...

It was great to finally meet and talk to you. As someone who's dealing with various injuries, I know how tough it can be to rest. It looks like you've got a great take on resting the hamstring. Are you planning on resting the hamstring but still come to CFOT? I'm sure there's a lot of exercises you can't do, but I'm also sure there's lot of exercises you could do (dips, pull ups, push ups, strict press, etc.)

I thought since I couldn't do anything with my shoulder crossfit would be useless, but it's surprising what the coaches can come up with.

Jerry Hill said...

Great post.
As a coach I never want to take the fire from an athlete who is willing and ready persevere.
Gutting it out makes great stuff happen.
That Hammy has been lingering though.
Sometimes ya gotta walk away and heal up, so you can come back to play 100%.

Erin said...

Thanks guys for all your support.
When you get your mind set on something it is hard to it give up.

For me I have realized this all comes down to fear. I'm afraid I'm not strong enough to keep up the diet and exercise (when i can) and not fall into injury depression. It happens every time. I don't want stuck on the couch, licking my wounds for months on end. Been there done that. So I'm going to go in tomorrow and my butt kicked by "andrea's WOD".