Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hit the box this morning since it was an all upper body workout. No excuse not to go.

WOD: Perfect Push ups
Pick your poison
150 120 90 60 30

Push ups are not my favorite...and a pullup penalty for each miss is just hell. Now we're not talking about any old push up. These must be PERFECT. Chin, chest, hips to the floor, full extension at the top. My pushups are far from perfect, so I went for 60 with a penalty of 6 pullups for each miss. I totally surprised myself and my rounds looked like this: 27, 10, 13, 10. Time: 7:55.
I clearly underestimated my strength -- yea for getting stronger! I then did 30 more for good measure.

Yesterday I dropped in for a little workout to spot/coach Christine on 5x back squats. None for me. I subbed strict press for a few rounds. Worked 5 reps for 45, 45, 67, 72 (2x), 67. I've not done a max strict that I recall so this felt pretty good. I think a 1x max might be somewhere around 75-80. Sweet!

Doctor's appointment tomorrow....I'll update over the weekend.

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Chip said...

Yeah! Good job push-up wife!