Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back at it? Not quite yet...

WOD: "Roadhouse" Tribute to Patrick Swayze
400m run
15 power cleans, 15 l-sit pullups, 15 "lou" burpees
400 run
12 power cleans, pullups, burpees
400 run
9 power cleans, pullups, burpees
Time: 32:27

Jerry explained that you were supposed to feel like you'd been in a bar fight after this workout. I sure did! I subbed the run with a 500m row and l-sit pullups with some negative pulls. (jump up, negative, pullup) I did the cleans at 70lbs "pack" weight since my 1x max is only 90. The cleans felt great and I think I finally am starting to get the jump to land and dive under the bar. The pullups felt ok, and I'm stil striving for the strict pullup. I think i'm close! And, small gains on the burpees too...the pushups are feeling stronger and stronger!

The sad news is that on the last row, my hip cramped up...I took a rest, went at it again, then just stopped. The pain in my glut and hip is now constant and I think it has something to do with the fact I sit almost 10 hours a day. Now the question is how to I get this muscle spasm to relax? I've gotten adjustments, massage, I sit on a tennis ball at night...

I'm crawling the walls and just want to have a good sprint and a solid rx'd workout...

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