Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 WODs and a Visit to Crossfit Will County

I've been away for a few days, what can I say. I promise you though, I did not give up on the CF workouts, even though the diet totally went by the wayside. So here's the summary:

Thursday WOD:
1 rep max power cleans
Top Load: 90 (from the hang)

My clean form still plaques me. I learned today that I can clearly clean 90 and probably 100 if I actually had some decent form. I really need to get the elbow whipping around and figuring out how to get under the bar. I kept getting the bar up, but hitting my chest, not my clavicale, which means I just wasn't getting under it. Melissa described my efforts as "muscle cleans". Go figure, at it again. always doing it the hard way. But.....I got to work cleans again very soon....

Friday WOD -- CROSSFIT WILL COUNTY in Plainfield, Il
On Thursday night I flew out to Chicago to visit family and friends for the weekend. I was super excited to have found that their was a box in my small hometown! I emailed the owner John earlier in the week to let him know I was coming and he was happy to have visitors (plainfield is not exactly a hot spot tourist destination).

I hit the box friday night for the following WOD:
squat cleans (55#)
Time: 11:30

We started out with a pullup warmup--I was dreading this. Luckily it was a small class and not many had their kipping pullups so I was ahead of the game there. John and Craig were giving individual pointers and I told them my sticking points. I got through one of them!!! My push off the bar at the top of the pullup and just allowing my body to swing through to the next rep have been holding me back. Tonight though, I just let go and I got 4 in a row. A new pullup PR. I know it sounds puny, but huge for me. I think it might have had something to do with their skinny bar.

I really got to clean up the squat cleans on this WOD. I haven't worked this in a LONG time, but the high number of reps really got me to focus on my form. John had a great tip that really helped me get under the bar---doing a "scooping" motion with my hips to get under the bar. The squat cleans were a total burner, especially paired with the burpees! But---good news on the burpees is that my cycle rate is WAY up. A lot fewer breaks, less standing around or resting at the bottom. Good progress here. I was extremely happy with this workout as an end a long week.

I had a great time chatting with the CFWC crew afterwards---super great bunch of people. Many quite new to CF 2-3 months, yet others who had been about a year. John and his wife Shannon own the affiliate which they started in their garage just about 18 months ago and recently moved to a space they share with a MMA studio. They will have much success there I am sure! They invited me back for the Saturday WOD.

Saturday WOD:
Team workout-2people must complete the following. Each person had to complete a minimum number of reps.

40 Overhead squats
60 wallballs
80 pullups
100 box jumps
120 double unders
800m run
time: 22 something

I used 45# on the OHS--I could have done more, but my legs and arms were SMOKED from the squat cleans and cleans from the last two days. Wallballs were a cinch.
I hit the wall again with the pullups, but honestly is was just sheer fatigue. I could barely hang up there. I grabbed a band and just got it done. Box jumps were easy and since my partner didn't have his double under we did 360 singles and ended with a great sprint down the street--the same street I took piano lessons on for 10 years as a kid. That brought back memories...

Visiting another affiliate is such an great opportunity. Different coaches give different tips that sometimes just click better when you hear it from someone else. And, just being out of your normal element makes you just want to perfect the exercises that much more to make sure you represent CFOT the best you can. Overall it was a fun weekend and I'm seriously looking forward to attacking the pullup bar after I give my arms a few more days rest!

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