Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dippity Dip

3 rounds for time

20 ring dips
20 wall balls
600m run
Time: 20:43

This looks so darn easy on paper! It wasn't, but after Monday and a rest day this felt good and I felt strong. As I type this my triceps are begging for some rest. I felt really strong on the dips today and used the 'floss' for all 3 rounds. I was able to do the first two rounds in sets that looked kinda like this 6-6-4-4. Not unbroken, but not horrible. The last round was more like 5-5-4-2-2-2...again not horrible. The wall balls were good , I was able to make that 10ft target 99% of the time. I would've liked more spring in my legs for both wallballs and the run, but I think my ole hamstring is still recovering. The massage I got on monday night totally helped. My hamstring, IT band, and Pereformus (butt muscle, literally) were so angry it was all I could do not to kick the therapist. But, we'll go again for a massage soon and with some rest I should be ready for that half marathon in a three weeks and Fight Gone Bad the weekend after that! I see an unassisted ring dip in the near future as well!

I have to add that there is some new competition at 0515---apparently Alyssa really meant it when she said she liked early mornings! She is fast, furious and strong. And, Katie is back now that school is back in action. Time to step it up so that in 6 months (my 1 yr CF anniversary) I can be half as strong as they are!

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