Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Post

A week of rest on the body has me just itching for some sprints, box jumps, deadlifts, and just a good old sweat. But, this week will be much of the same. Rest.

I went to see Dr. Mary, my osteopath, on Friday to see if she could work some of her magic. She helped to heal my whiplash injury after 9 long months of physical therapy awhile back and I continue to see her for intermittent treatment on my back and neck. After my knee surgery about 18 months ago I had some spinal alignment issues that sometimes creep back up. Considering this hamstring and glut are attached to my hip, I though maybe it is my alignment. Oh was I right.

She had me lay down, face up, took one look at my feet and said..."Oh yea, you're way off." My pelvis was about an inch off of center. We did the manipulations then she flipped me on my front. Mid-back got a crack, and the neck got some work too. Flip again, cranial sacral therapy on the neck. My neck was mirroring my pelvis at C1. Literally, my head was crooked!

Then we talked about everything that is going on in life. Job change, Chip being gone for 13 months now, the MOVE, the lawsuit from my car accident, etc.... Next up was a full accupuncture session--front and back for pain and trauma. Yes, trauma. Apparently, what I'm going through with Chip is "traumatic" and reliving my car accident over these past few weeks is also "traumatic". 20 minutes later, 30+ needles or so, a nap while letting the needles to their thing, my 'chi' was baselined. I walked out feeling like a million bucks. :)

Today I went out for an hour and a half on my bike. The legs felt heavy and slow, but it was a beautiful morning so I just let my mind wander. The hamstring is a little aggravated today, but it is not painful so I think another week off is in order.

I did find a half marathon to run in Germany in the spring. Berlin at the end of March. So way cooler than a North Face trail run... I will meet that half marathon goal...just six months delayed. Hopefully Chip can run it with me! :)

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